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Internet marketing, also referred to as i- marketing, online-marketing, e- marketing, can be defined as the marketing of products or services over the Internet.  The Internet has brought media to a worldwide audience. . Internet marketing is sometimes considered to have a broader scope because it not only refers to the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media; however it includes management of digital customer data.

Advertising through the internet helps to build relationships between consumers and brands. Internet marketing is closely related to various concepts like e-commerce, where products are sold to consumers without any intermediary. It is very a useful means for the companies to advertise their products and services online. The targeted people in a particular country or state can easily surf their likings or their intrest regarding a particular product. Auctions through internet have come up as a fruitful business. Some such auction sites are eBay, OnlineAuction, eBid, ePier etc. Almost all the products that we buy at  brick and mortar stores are easily available and being sold on  various web sites where  people can shop like Myntra.com, Snapdeal.com, Jabong.com etc.

Internet marketing ties the creative and technical aspects of the internet, together with designing and development of the product and sales. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are usually used in combination with traditional types of advertising like radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

Online marketing requires stressing on different strategies which ultimately help an association to get success. Click here to know more about internet marketing.