Neha Mehandiratta

Faculty, Surya School of Business Management


India is now the world’s third biggest emitter of CO2, after China and the US….The fact seems alarming, but it is true!

A ‘carbon footprint’ is a measure of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an activity or group of activities. Nearly everything that we do produces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions either directly or indirectly. The most important greenhouse gas produced by human activities is carbon dioxide. Direct GHG emissions sources are often easy to identify – for example burning fossil fuels for electricity generation, heating.

India and China are among the world’s biggest contributors to fossil fuel emissions with India’s carbon dioxide discharge increasing by a whopping 7.7 percent last year

“Based on estimates of economic activity in 2013, emissions are set to rise 2.1 percent in 2013 to reach 36 billion tones of CO2,” the annual analysis by Global Carbon Project reported.

As responsible citizens, we should make individual efforts to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Here are some easy ways in which we can contribute towards the environment:

  • Walk whenever possible
  • Use a fan
  • largely avoid using the air-conditioner
  • Drink lot of water
  • Use light clothes
  • Save water (keep tap on a trickle and not a strong stream)
  • Use bath water to water the plants
  • Try to grow food and vegetables yourself
  • Use internet & Skype whenever possible for work, reduce travelling
  • Encourage public mode of transport
  • Avoid printing, if need be, use both sides of the paper
  • Try to consult reference books before using online search engines

Surya World was recently awarded Green Flag by Go Green International Organisation for their efforts towards contributing to reducing CO2 in the environment. The lush green lawns of Surya World speak tones about this mission. Click here to experience the  beautiful green lawns at Surya World.