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Spread the word about Surya World

& We’ll waive your entire tuition fee! 

We are excited to launch our student referral program, which allows you to earn up to 50% (Rs. 15,000) of your semester tuition fee for every student you refer to our courses. It is our way of saying thank you for choosing us, and passing the experience of studying at Surya World to your family and friends. For full details regarding our student referral program, keep reading.

Why should you refer Surya World to someone?

Here are four reasons why we think you would be doing someone a huge favour by referring them to Surya World:


1. You could change a life. Only 10% of high school students go to university. This could your chance to encourage someone to study further and gain skills needed for a great career. Individuals with a bachelor degree earn considerably more than those without one.

2. Surya World is expanding, growing and transforming. Our campus is already known for its infrastructure. Due to its vision and mission, the institute is going expand its horizons even further in the coming months. This includes physical infrastructure, international faculty, earn while you learn programme, start-ups incubation center, a campus café, sports activities, international tie ups, placement drives, industry tie-ups, all-year round soft skill training workshops and transforming into a university.20111124-42533351-8955-SCHOLARSHIPS_&_FEE_WAIVER

3. It will make your campus life better! Having more smart, bright and talented students on the campus will not only add to your life on campus by making it more vibrant, competitive and lively; but also, it will give us a chance to provide better and more facilities to you.

4. You won’t have to pay your tuition fee! Last but not the least, you can get your entire next semester tuition fee refunded by referring two students. And there is no limit to the amount of students you can refer.

How does it work?

Simple! If you refer a new student to one of our courses, we will refund you up to 50% of your next semester tuition fee (Rs. 15,000). These refunds will be adjusted in your next semester tuition fee if the referred student’s enrollment if confirmed. There is no limit on how many students you may refer. Technically, by referring enough students, you can actually cover the cost of your entire next semester or more!

What do I do?

The Student Referral Program is easy and convenient. Simply provide our Admissions staff with basic student contact information using the referral form provided below and we’ll take it from there. Admissions staff will follow up with the student you’ve referred and provide them with information on applying. We thank you for helping us attract the brightest and most talented students to Surya World.

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Register for Student Referral Program here:

You will receive ‘student referral registration code’ via sms and email.

Fill the Student Referral Form for each student you want to refer here:

Read Student Referral FAQs – Here

For any queries please contact : +918054644874


Approach Student Referral team


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