Earn While You Learn

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Being in college is the best time to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. Not to mention, make some pocket money on the side-lines and taste the sweet taste of independence and freedom. And work isn’t always stressful or time-consuming. We are excited to launch an Earn While You Learn program at Surya World! Starting summer 2013, you will be able to take up various jobs and intern opportunities with Surya World and its associated offices.

Learn new skills

Its your chance to learn new skills you have always wanted to learn. You’ll learn how to prioritize your time and resources. You will also learn how to work in a team, manage your time, do personal financial planning and many more skills which can only be learned with experience.

Create a professional network

Its your chance to create a powerful professional network. This is the platform where you get to meet people and create personal and professional relationships. You will learn the importance of professional networking in your coming life. Opportunities are all around you, and yet if you’re not aware of them, they may as well not exist.

Here are a few ways to create a professional network:  Speak |  Participate |  Publish |  Create | Volunteer

Discover your passions 

Surya World will provide a great chance to students to put into practice what they have learned, in projects as varied as e learning to movies and what all extra-ordinary qualities & strengths they have. Moreover, when they complete the program and graduate, along with the degree certificate, they’ll also be earning a work experience certificate for a period of one to four years.

This enhances the all-round qualities of a student and he forever rids himself of the dreaded “fresher” tag and will be ready to show his masterly skills to various firms.

EYWLSWOpportunities for Summer 2013

Counsellor and Student Out-reach Intern: Download detailed job-description here.

Online & Mobile Marketing Intern: Download detailed job-description here.

Graphic Designing Intern: Download detailed description here.

Apply now, click here!

“There is no substitute for practical and professional experience.”


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