Top 10 Soft Skills for job hunters!

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To get, and keep, a job you typically need a repertoire of technical skills. Dentists need to know how to fill cavities. Secretaries need to type 100+ words per minute. Accountants need to be certified. Engineer needs to how to create.

Beyond the technical skills, though, which dentist do you go to? The one who is pleasant and takes time to answer your questions; or the one who treats you like a number in a long line of numbered mouths? Which civil engineer you trust? The one who is good at his skills and listen to you what you wants, in what time duration; or the one who does things in his own way?

All you need to know in this era is maintaining your job is way tricky and difficult than getting one. No matter how strong you are with your technical skills, if you don’t have strong work ethic, if you don’t know how to manage time, time, stress; you are definitely going to lose your job in a blink of an eye.

While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

Here we will teach you the top 10 soft skills you need to excel! You will find one soft skill in each post that you must have. Follow the blog now to keep learning and rising with us 🙂


A strong work ethic is the most sought-after soft skill today, an Express Employment Professionals survey reveals. Twenty-three percent of respondents said a strong work ethic is the most important soft skill required In a job seeker, white 17% cited a positive attitude, and 11% cited communication.

Other soft skills cited included: being a team player (10%), flexibility (9%), being a problem-solver (7%), being self-directed (5%), working well under pressure (5%), being a quick learner (4%), organizational skills (3%) and creativity (1%).

“Having a strong work ethic is very important in today’s job market due to increased staff and tighter budgets,” comments Bob Funk, one of the founders of Express. “As the job market begins to turn and employers start to hire again, employers are paying closer attention to these skills in addition tobasic Job requirements, education and experience. While having these types of soft job skills has always been beneficial to job seekers, employers are especially taking these skills into consideration when determining the right candidate for a job today.”

 In the next post you will learn why POSITIVE ATTITUDE matters to maintain your dream job.



EWYL in action

ewyl stud

Students engaged in EWYL program

EARN WHILE YOU LEARN means a chance to earn money while your studies are going on. Sounds fascinating aren’t it??  Well at SURYA WORLD this is not just a fascination it’s a reality! it’s not just the money which a student earns , it’s a lifetime experience which he takes along with him which will in turn structure  him to face the challenges in corporate world  and will let him be a leader of his own career.

This program has been launched by keeping in mind of the job requirement of students and allowing them to earn their livings while studying.

About a month back, this program was started by providing work like student outreach, online marketing, graphics designing, event management, content writing, project building, etc. Now its expanding the limits to work in administration, networking, marketing, SEO, Presentations, etc. Continue reading

Earn while you learn at Surya World!

Learn & Earn

Being in college is the best time to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. Not to mention, make some pocket money on the side-lines and taste the sweet taste of independence and freedom. And work isn’t always stressful or time-consuming.

We are excited to launch an Earn While You Learn program at Surya World! Starting summer 2013, you will be able to take up various jobs and intern opportunities with Surya World and its associated offices.

Learn new skills | Create a professional network | Discover your passion.

Read details of the program here.

Exciting Opportunities for Summer 2013

  1. Counsellor and Student Out-reach Intern: Download detailed job-description here.
  2. Marketing Intern (Online, Mobile, Field): Download detailed job-description here.
  3. Graphic Designing Intern: Download detailed description here.


“There is no substitute for practical and professional experience.”