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Faculty, Surya School of Business Management

 Participative decision-making (PDM) is the extent to which employers allow or encourage employees to share or participate in organizational decision-making. PDM is one of many ways in which an organization can make decisions. Participative management (PM) is known by many names including shared leadership, employee empowerment, employee involvement, participative decision-making, dispersed leadership, open-book management, or industrial democracy. The basic concept involves any power-sharing arrangement in which workplace influence is shared among individuals who are otherwise hierarchical unequal’s. Such power-sharing arrangements may entail various employee involvement schemes resulting in co-determination of working conditions, problem solving, and decision-making. However, organizations benefit from the perceived motivational influences of employees. When employees participate in the decision-making process, they improve understanding and perceptions among colleagues and superiors, and enhance personnel value in the organization.The outcomes are various in PDM. In the aspect of employees, PDM refers to job satisfaction and performance, which are usually recognized as commitment and productivity. Decisions are made differently within organizations having diverse environments. A PDM style includes any type of decision transfer from a superior to their subordinates. Decision makers cannot be experts in all fields. In such situations, the decision maker delegates full or partial responsibility of decision-making for a particular area of concern, to the expert on the team for best management outcomes. The participative leader retains the responsibility of final compilation of the draft responses from all. Such delegation is work specific and singular. It depends on the decision maker to compile the expert reports for the final response. Advantages of this type of decision-making process makes the group members feel engaged in the process, more motivated and creative. In an autocratic participative decision-making style, similar to the collective style, the leader takes control of and responsibility for the final decision. The difference is that in an autocratic style, members of the organizations are not included and the final outcome is the responsibility of the leader. This is the best style to use in an emergency when an immediate decision is needed.   The primary aim of PDM is for the organization to benefit from the “perceived motivational effects of increased employee involvement”. In Surya World Institute Of Academic Excellence we can find that each and every task is performed as per rules of participative decision making. Suryauday was best example where different events were handled by faculties from different department and also by the interested students.


Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce): A tool to enhance Profitability


Faculty, Surya School of Business Management

It is right to say that E-commerce is one of the tools used to improve productivity and profitability of an association. Basically it is a type of business model where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Referring to all forms of transactions relating to commercial activities, it draws on technologies such as Mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing , online transaction processing, inventory management and automated data collection systems.
E-commerce is playing vital role in our day to day life also. Due to our busy schedule, we are not able to move out to market to purchase different products and services. Through internet we are able to search various products and make selection as per our satisfaction level. It helps us to feel relaxed and reduce our stress resulting in good output.
There are myriad advantages of e-commerce to Business. It support the transfer of information from the buyer to the seller electronically. It assists in data management hence facilitating easy exchange of information. It also authenticate the source of information and guarantees the integrity and privacy of information .
Domains of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing
B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), C2C (Consumer to Consumer), B2G (Business-to-Government)

The students at Surya World are also engaged in various business activities performed on the internet. In order to give them practical exposure some of the activities include purchasing books over internet, placing different orders, using Automatic Teller Machine ( ATM) for withdrawal of funds. ATM machines of different banks are also installed in the campus for easy withdrawals.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – An Endeavor towards Managing Quality

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Sarveer Kaur

Faculty, Surya School of Business Management

An important method to improve quality is the establishment and meeting of international quality standards. International organization for standardization (ISO 9000),a committee formed under the chairmanship of Canada, worked to produce an International Quality Standard and is the international set of standards documented by members of ISO Technical Committee and is presented in the form of ISO 9000 series. The objective of this standard was to develop a single standard for operations and management of the quality. The ISO 9000 series are guidelines related to the design, development, production, testing, and servicing of products.

ISO-9000 standard specially concentrates on the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) Systems. The ISO standard was published in 1987. Later in 1988, Indian Body of Standards (Bureau of Indian Standards, BIS) adopted these standards. As India is also founder member of BIS, it developed equivalent standard as BIS 14000series.

On January 1, 1993, European Community member countries adopted ISO standards. Today all of the organization has to pass through this standardization.

ISO 9000- Deals with the guidelines for selecting a model.

ISO 9001- A quality assurance model to ensure conformance to specified requirements during design, development, installation and servicing.

ISO 9002- A quality assurance model to ensure conformance to specified requirements during production, installation and servicing.

ISO 9003- A quality assurance model to ensure conformance to specified requirements during final test and inspection.

ISO 9004- For internal use only, not to be used in contractual situation, it contains guidelines to the technical, administrative and human factors affecting the product and service quality. Listing the essential elements such as, establishing a quality system for marketing design, procurement, production, measurement, post production, material control, documentation, safety and use of statistical methods.

The thrust at Surya World is on maintaining exceptional quality in teaching, research, and infrastructure and student development. As a result of this endeavor, Surya World was rated as one the best academic institutions in Northern India. Check out the following link to have a closer look at North India’s Best Provisioned Integrated Campus:



– Dr. Parkee Bhatnagar
Head, Surya School of Business Management

Career Counseling is a process that will help you to understand and evaluate yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.
A career counseling session can help you in finding solutions to the following dilemmas:
• “I have no idea what I want to do with my life.”
• “I have no idea what to do after high school.”
• “I don’t know what stream to specialize in.”
• “I’ve shortlisted few career options, but don’t know which one to finalize upon.”
• “I know the stream in which I want to specialize, but don’t know about career options available after that.”
• “I don’t feel like I know enough about all the different careers out there to know what I want to do.”

Come, visit a Career Counselor today! Our trained counselors at Surya World can help you to:
• clarify your goals
• guide you through the process of making decisions about your education
• explore career possibilities
• learn about how your studies and careers relate
• articulate your values, skills and interests
• create strategies for making the most of your Surya experience
• find industry specific advice and information
• identify internship and job opportunities
• develop job search skills

In addition, our workshops, information sessions and other resources can give you career direction, whether you’re just starting out or modifying your professional focus. Career counseling is available to all at no cost.

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Surya World Provides You Professional & Personal Development

How Surya World develops you?

Education at Surya World – Institutions of Academic Excellence has limitless opportunities to rise. Our most-wanted-in-industry courses taught by esteemed faculty members and supported by unparalleled academic resources, will take you as far as your imagination allows.

When you finish your degree and enter into the industry world you will notice there is an ultimate need of having strong professional and personal development to survive in the world full of challenges. We understand this need and willingly embrace the opportunity to make you skillful by offering you the platform of high quality education where everything is taught practically. For your continuous development we have them all – Expert renowned faculty, practical industry based learning, paid internships and summer training, regular industry visits, workshops and seminars, special soft-skills lessons for your personal development, student clubs and organizations.

Today we will talk about the need of professional development and how our students are professionally developed according to the current industry needs.

Professional Development

We have designed out program so systematically to develop you into a complete professional having all those mandatory skills on your tips. The whole picture of ‘Professional Development’ is sub-divided into four stages which go below!

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Tackling your fear of Rejection

rejectionOn the second day of New Year 2014, we got inspired by an article on Entrepreneur website which we would like to share with you. You might have noticed that sometimes your Rejections don’t let you keep moving towards your goals and keep pulling you back. Now, the question arises ‘How to tackle your Rejections?’

Surya World – Institutions of Academic Excellence has noticed the need of knowing the skills young generation require to counter their rejections. And our expert team is going to share their ideas of tackling rejections. Sometimes we are afraid of keep moving, we are afraid of taking risks and becoming successful.

Counterpart to this, when you pour your heart to something then don’t let procrastination and rejections come into your way. But, we can’t completely ignore rejections; its natural to face them. Also, when you find a door closed, it somewhere gives you the opportunity to find the best door open. So, how can you take the most out of your rejections? Surya World Expert Team wants to explain this in simple steps: Continue reading

How to choose right college/university?

Choosing best college/university

We promised you to reveal the top 5 points you should consider while choosing the right college/university. And here, Surya World – Institutions of Academic Excellence, India’s Best Provisioned Integrated Campus will tell you the step by step procedure of making ‘ONE RIGHT DECISION’ which can change your life.

There are 572* universities and 33,000* colleges in India which makes the decision of choosing the right one more difficult. This is for the very first time; a college itself is providing you assistance to find the best college/university for you by giving you the 5 secret points to the right decision. Also see how Surya World satisfies all the 5 points!

(*source – wikipedia)

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The right College/University provides you

In-demand courses: At Surya World you will find a range of in-demand courses opting which you will find current most popular job opportunities in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Pharmaceutical, Business and Computer Applications. Our most-wanted-in-industry courses taught by esteemed faculty members and supported by unparalleled academic resources will take you as far as your imagination allows. When you finish your degree and enter into the industry world you will notice there is an ultimate need of having strong professional and personal development to survive in the world full of challenges. We make you ready to first embrace and then counter all these challenges. Continue reading