Career Advancement


The Career Advancement Cell is committed to supporting every student at Surya World to learn and achieve their career goals. However, we also acknowledge that great career are built not only on great grades but various factors.

Ambition, passion, education, skills, values, goals and interests – all these attributes are important towards career development.

To empower students, the Career Advancement Cell organises and promotes various events, activities and opportunities on the campus. You can read the details below. Click to read details:

  • Job-fests and job-fairs

    • Surya World Job-Fest (1st June 2013). Registration link: Click here Deadline: 12th May 2013.
  • Workshops and seminars:

    • CDC will be organizing various workshops and seminars for Career advancement on the campus in the coming semester.
  • Soft-skill training:

    • Interview and CV making training (May 2013) — will be conducted before the Job-Fest.
    • Starting July 2013, Surya World will have international facilitators and trainers on campus delivering workshops on leadership, communication, presentation skills and general awareness.
  • Practical learning opportunities:

    • Tech Fest Organizing Committee (March 2013) | Organise Surya World’s first Tech Fest
    • Earn While You Learn Program (May 2013) | Work as an intern with Surya World 
    • Job-Fest Organizing Committee (May 2013) | Help CDC Organise a major Job-fest
    • Cultural Fest Organizing Committee (July 2013) | Organise Surya World’s first Cultural Fest (Details coming soon)
    • International Internships (May 2013) | Go Global through AIESEC.

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