About Us

Surya World Institutions of Academic Excellence    


Surya School of Engineering and Technology

Surya World is an educational vertical of Surya Group, a renowned premier integrated group of companies in India. It is established with an objective to give the world well groomed excellent knowledge force of 21st century professionals. Twenty first century is the century of knowledge driven industry. Economy of any country will be governed by the kind of Knowledge Force it possesses. World will be led by nations possessing best knowledge forces.

Science, Engineering & Technology, Management and Medicine each has a special role to play in creating a good knowledge force. With India having the largest number of youth, Surya World calls upon all the students to work hard to shape themselves as excellent professionals so as to make this great nation to become the INDIA of our dreams.

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About The Surya Experience – Campus Life Blog


This blog is an initiative of Division of Student Welfare. It is simply aimed at bringing together all the important and exciting information about campus life at Surya World in one place. We think that student life is more than classrooms and exams. We want every student to have the opportunity to create, represent, participate, learn, network and enjoy during their student life. And this space is for the students, by the students and from the students. We invite contributions and suggestions from students.


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