Sarveer Kaur

            Faculty, Surya School of Business Management

 Is it possible that we never have stress in our lives?Can we forever wipe out this force called stress? Small children are weighed down more by their school bags and studies rather than their own weight! There is the stress of cut-throat competition all around, The youth are bogged down by the need to go for higher education, there is the stress for securing jobs and employment, Housewives have to manage with a shoe-string budget, Fathers are worried about their daughters’ alliances, Employees are tense over shuffling and job cuts, Old people pulled down by age related illnesses, The list goes on and on thereby reflecting a world which is not free of stress and tension. Every human being, in any circumstance, is bound to face it, inevitably.

Visualizing a stress – free life is the biggest hurdle in the way of a peaceful life!

1. How to minimize the intensity of stress

2. How to uproot the causes & reasons of stress!!

The first and foremost thing that we have to accept is that things don’t work out the way always as we want them to, ever in our favour.

Do not try to put your emotions on leash, do not chain them, they are meant to flow and sway! Curbing your emotions and sentiments would fill you with unwanted tensions.

Strong emotions should not be suppressed. Do not allow artificiality to enter your system. Personally I feel that the most practical way to handle stress is to assess the situation logically . In that situation, try to be cool-headed and think:

1.  Which conditions can you change and mould. (Changeable)

2.  Which of them, you can’t. (Unchangeable)

Ways to reduce stress

Pay attention to the behavior 

Usually our actions and words reflect the stress we undergo. We get irritated quickly, are flustered and prone to making more mistakes. This further leads to more stress. For all this we sometimes have to pay a heavy price. To take charge of any situation we have to exercise patience towards controlling our behaviour. In unfavourable situations, dishing out irritation and throwing tantrums at your friends and family would serve no purpose; rather you would lose some important relationships and aggravate the tensions already existing. Unknowingly you would be damaging a lot more than you could imagine of.

Stop – Take A Break – Then Think Again

If you find yourself in a fix and think that there is no way out, then just simply wait. Hold on for a while and take a break. It will require some efforts, some extra labour but try to disentangle you from the root cause of stress. Meet your mentor or closest friend, watch your favorite movie, and listen to soul stirring songs. May sound impractical, but it is time tested. Now, after a while, rethink about the causes and channels which you haven’t touched hitherto. Try to think with an unprejudiced mind, bias-free. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Be stoic. Don’t swerve. I am pretty sure, you will find the way.

Prayer and Meditation

I have come across staunch atheists who, in times of crises, remember God, the Almighty. When we pray, or concentrate, then we establish a link with our soul and God too. A strange but satisfying peace envelopes our heart. I believe that prayers are answered, they rarely go unheeded. Even you must have experienced miracles in this world. The truth is, these miracles are beyond the realm of logic


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