How to choose right college/university?

Choosing best college/university

We promised you to reveal the top 5 points you should consider while choosing the right college/university. And here, Surya World – Institutions of Academic Excellence, India’s Best Provisioned Integrated Campus will tell you the step by step procedure of making ‘ONE RIGHT DECISION’ which can change your life.

There are 572* universities and 33,000* colleges in India which makes the decision of choosing the right one more difficult. This is for the very first time; a college itself is providing you assistance to find the best college/university for you by giving you the 5 secret points to the right decision. Also see how Surya World satisfies all the 5 points!

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The right College/University provides you

In-demand courses: At Surya World you will find a range of in-demand courses opting which you will find current most popular job opportunities in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Pharmaceutical, Business and Computer Applications. Our most-wanted-in-industry courses taught by esteemed faculty members and supported by unparalleled academic resources will take you as far as your imagination allows. When you finish your degree and enter into the industry world you will notice there is an ultimate need of having strong professional and personal development to survive in the world full of challenges. We make you ready to first embrace and then counter all these challenges. Continue reading


Why to choose Higher Education?

Going to a college/university is a big decision with so many options of courses and institutions in front of you that it makes you sometimes think about the need of higher education. Surya World – Institution of Academic Excellence thought about the biggest question in the minds of high school students and we came up with the answer from them only. Surya World is a tertiary education institution with the mission of creating the excellent knowledge force of 21st century who will make the world a peaceful place assisted by modern inventions in technology and business. So the answer to the most complicated question goes below:

Top 5 reasons to choose higher education


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‘The Power of Innovation’ at Surya World – Institutions of Academic Excellence

The Power of Innovation – Expert Talk

When it comes to innovative ideas for higher education, a healthy discussion lead by an expert talk is the best way to proceed. Surya World cares about bringing up sustainable ideas to the wonderful world of education for 360 degree development of everyone connected to the community. To maintain that we are proud to innovate, implement, progress and rise through expert talks from time to time.

In this post, we will share you some of the moments of the recent expert talk on ‘The Power of Innovation’.IMG_4733

Honorable Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh, Development Head, Hitachi, Global Technologies, USA, enriched our faculty and staff with his innovations in the field of magnetic sciences. He shared his stories of how he with his team managed to reduce the size of computer hard drives and we can also see much more smaller sizes in the future because innovation is never ending. He also discussed about the innovations and ideas to improve the modern higher education system in India which can change the way education is delivered to our young generation. Everyone was highly motivated by his ideas and enthusiastically took part in the discussion. We are thankful to Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh for coming over and sharing his stories and ideas!

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Faculty Development Program – Surya World

It feels great to inform you about the Faculty Development Program (FDP) which recently took place at Surya World – Institutions of Academic Excellence.


In order to keep fulfilling our promise of delivering best quality higher education to our students, we update our faculty via Faculty Development Program (FDP). The program brings the platform to provide updated knowledge in various fields of studies to our faculty, take their ideas,to implement best tactics in education system. This helps us to develop enthusiastic entrepreneurs out of our students who then set benchmarks in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, etc.

Our Faculty Development Program has two major objectives:

1. To disseminate teaching improvement courses to the faculty from all fields of study through our updated knowledge rich facilitator-training programs.

2. To provide teaching improvement support to our faculty to reach the international level of interactive teaching which increases our students’ interest in studies.

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Parents’ Guide to Higher Education at Surya World

As a parent or guardian of someone who is in the phase of choosing the right course and university for him / herself; you will find this article helpful to assist them make the big decision.

We understand the importance of parents helping and supporting their children choosing the best university for them. This is the top most reason why we came up with this most awaited guide for parents. Not every family in India has personal experience of higher education; that’s why it is sometimes difficult to choose from bewildering array of courses and universities. Respecting the decision which will have profound and long-lasting effect on your son / daughter’s life, this guide will help you go through the process of choosing the right course and university suggested by renowned experts (the guide has been developed by top education, psychology and industry experts).

Going to a university is a big decision with so many options of courses and institutions in front of your son / daughter which makes you sometimes think about the need of higher education.

Now the biggest question arises is Why to go for higher education?

Top 5 reasons to choose higher education

  1.  Improve career prospects: Competition in the job market is fiercely growing and a degree will give your child the best possible start to their professional life. College graduates are more likely to make more than those who completed only high school; they are tend to develop with a higher pace in their chosen career than a non-graduate. Lots of jobs require specialized training and experience which your child can only receive at college via a number of training and internship programs.
  2.  Increase earning potential: A degree from Surya World will give your child the edge when it comes to competing for jobs.
  3. Individual Growth: College is freedom! When you attend college, you are free to live by your own; you have the rights to make some of the most important decisions of your life. This is the process of gaining independence and develops self-confidence. It is not only about knowledge of their chosen subject but they will also enjoy all the other aspects of student life as well. Joining student clubs and societies at campus give them opportunities to rise and become a perfect individual.
  4. Finding direction: Sometimes your child is confused of finding a right direction or choice of career. At university, your child has a special mentor to personally guide and assist him / her time to time in taking the biggest decisions of life. The mentor keeps analyzing the personality and interest areas of every student so that students gain right knowledge and experience most suitable for their career.
  5. Create ever-lasting memories: Be it academic achievement or one time your child goes to travel with his / her friends and teachers, all these will be the life lasting memories for him / her. Studying and living in a university is a first time experience for students and your child will find that it is a great way to establish friendships. Surya World is proud of its multi-cultural campus where your child will enjoy life with students from around the globe.  

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