Its All About Me In Surya World

Its all about students in Surya World; Its all about Faculty in Surya World; Its all about great experience in Surya World; Its all about developing in Surya World; Its all about creating your future in Surya World.


Instructions to write/capture the experience and to get rewarded:

  1. The word file should contain maximum 500 words.
  2. One should focus on the creative writing and presentation skills to share his/her experience.
  3. Students can also use images from their best experience at Surya World.
  4. Preference will be given to best presented experience.
  5. Submit the soft copy in the Admission Office main engineering building or mail it to
  6. After all of the above steps, management will approve a number of experiences which are to be posted on facebook for voting.
  7. Experience with maximum votes will be awarded.



4 things to do for a succesful MST exam session


Studying is an ongoing process that begins with the first day of classes and involves managing your time and learning effectively from texts, lectures and labs. It is tough when your back is up against the wall and you have a short time to get ready for an exam. The pressure is on and success depends on how well you are able to prepare. This usually happens during MST exams period.

We understand that exams are something that nobody really look forward to do, but, as a student you can’t really skip them. So, instead of groaning about how difficult it is, here are some strategies to help you overcome the MST exam week successfully.


  1. Write down all your subjects
  2. Choose the ones that you feel weaker at
  3. Plan to spend more time on them in comparison with the ones that you feel more comfortable with
  4. Prioritize: We know. It feels better to start studying with the easiest subjects, but this is not going to bring you better results. Decide which subject to start with according to how difficult they are and how close you are to the date of the exam.
  5. Start reading.
  6. Take notes not longer than 1-2 paper sheets. You don’t need to be completely textual, you can use concept maps, too.


  • Choose a time that is quiet and when your brain is ready to learn.
  • Find a number of isolated study spots on or off campus and rotate through these locations when you study.
  • Change venues to prevent procrastination or avoid distraction.
  • You should spend no more than 1 hour at a time without a break (5-10 minutes each hour)
  • Pay attention to how much time you are spending on specific study tasks and stay on track with your study plan.
  • Focus your energy on studying, not playing catch up. Try to concentrate on the material that you think is most likely to appear in the exam.


Studying with a group of your friends can be both a fun and rewarding method for effective studying. However, it is important that you choose your group members wisely.

Share and compare notes and tips. More than that, you can divide the topic by members and each of you should cover that topic, take notes and explain others the part of the topic. Thus, you will be able to clear all the topics easily and nobody would take burden of exams.


Sometimes, when you study too many subjects in a short period of time, there is a probability of cofusing or having trouble remembering topics. In order to avoid this, you should have some material to recall the content. It makes very easy to prepare your MST exams in an efficient manner.

Flash cards: These are short and small notes which include important facts about a topic, conclusions, as well as the meaning of the topic. Flash cards are small in size, so you can boost your motivation as you would not be scared that you have too much material to learn. You can make flash cards in your own language, use of shortcut keys and words which you can easily understand or whatever else  or whatever else helps you learn.

Diagrams: Draw a diagram to provide a pictorial representation of the subject. Diagrams are easy way to understand the concept. Try to concept map with most important idea in the centre and then various branches showing the relationship between other ideas and their subcategories.

Read and highlight the content of notes: Highlight the main content like definition, objectives, importance etc. Don’t bother highlighting stuff you already know.

In the end, thoroughly review your notes, flash cards, diagrams and highlighted content and be proud of yourself. You are ready for the exam!

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