EWYL in action

ewyl stud

Students engaged in EWYL program

EARN WHILE YOU LEARN means a chance to earn money while your studies are going on. Sounds fascinating aren’t it??  Well at SURYA WORLD this is not just a fascination it’s a reality! it’s not just the money which a student earns , it’s a lifetime experience which he takes along with him which will in turn structure  him to face the challenges in corporate world  and will let him be a leader of his own career.

This program has been launched by keeping in mind of the job requirement of students and allowing them to earn their livings while studying.

About a month back, this program was started by providing work like student outreach, online marketing, graphics designing, event management, content writing, project building, etc. Now its expanding the limits to work in administration, networking, marketing, SEO, Presentations, etc.

The aim of this program is to provide an attitude of humble workmanship; learning through hands-on-training and transforming their lives through value Based Education.

Personal Experience of students working in EWYL:


EWYL program gave me an excellent opportunity to get an insight of the corporate world and let me optimally utilize my summer vacation.


EWYL at SURYA WORLD gave me a chance to enhance my skills to deal with the team and work efficiently. Thanks to SURYA WORLD for providing me this opportunity.


I am very happy to be a part of SURYA WORLD ‘S EWYL program as it has let me explore myself in a professional environment and has given me chance to share my ideas with my batch mates in a more sophisticated manner.


EWYL program has incorporated a spirit of creative independence in me. This program has bestowed a platform where one can learn through self experience. EWYL program has rendered a space for its pupil to expand the horizon of their thought process. I am grateful to this program to provide me an opportunity to work with highly proficient staff. –


I joined EWYL on 15th May, it’s been over a month, working in an office coming regularly, adapting the professional environment. It feels great and makes my parents proud yes I am working not wasting my time at home doing nothing.  I joined EWYL as a marketing intern, and the management is helping me a lot to explore and implement my ideas in practical life. Wish every student gets a chance like this, and be a successful person.


When I was about to pick up a pen and write my experiences in
Earn while you learn I heard a voice telling me, “Don’t write any more, you are
losing your privacy.

But this time I thought “Let’s Do It”. When I initially applied for the EWYL program, a lot of questions were revolving around my mind, like;

What kind of situations I am going to face?

What kind of work I am going to do?

What I will gain and what I lose?

And now, I got answers of all of my questions. I am not sure where these thoughts came from, but I do know that they come from my original self.  I have learned to protect myself and become attached to the fear that always surrounds me. Made new friends, experienced professional environment, got a nice and smart working Team-leader, done some untouched work, have a lot of fun interactions and shall continue to experience more.

What I want to say isn’t how great I am. I just want to share my understanding and strive forward


The day I joined, earn while you learn program, I was not aware of what to do.  I was afraid if I could do the kind of work they want, if not then what will happen.  During this program I met some college mates whom I have seen but does not know about them. There was a real work & fun interacting with them. I had learned a lot of things like managing data of around 500 students, some calling experiences which had been a real fun. We all committed many mistakes but there has been always a person who helped us throughout, he was our team leader. He has been a very good leader So that’s all till now.




Honestly the only reason for joining this program was to earn money, though I never had experience in working in a professional environment still I applied for it. but as the time  passed I faced various challenges and performed various tasks taking help from my friends, team leader and of course GOOGLE and after one month I experienced a transformation in my personality, and now I don’t say that I CANT do that work as I know there is always a way, one just need to find it but if you are can’t then just GOOGLE  IT.  


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