Educational Survey done recently


Education at Surya World is not cramming but learning, not being glued to books for hours together but a holistic development of personality. To make our campus life more constructive, an EDUCATIONAL SURVEY was conducted under which views of students from various regions were taken into account.

Vision of our survey was to get the peak of what the youth expect from their college life and how they choose a most suitable career.

The survey was conducted in three forms:

  • Real-Time Survey
  • Telephonic Survey
  • Facebook Survey

survey-real timeREAL-TIME SURVEY:
This survey was conducted by visiting places like Elante Mall (Chandigarh), PVR (Chandigarh) & various educational institutes of tri-city, interacting with the students to know about their perception about college life and career perspective.


Students from various regions were called and asked about their outlook toward their college life. They were asked similar set of questions as in real-time survey but interaction was a bit diversified to know more about their ambitions, goals and passion.

An online survey was formed and posted on SURYA WORLD’s official page to reach the youth at more much scale carrying and similar set of questions, students who participated in facebook survey were given college’s prospectus and free goodies.

Over 500+ students participated in the survey and eagerly shared their view-points and the future perspectives which will be utilized effectively to evolve a better and more joyous college life for our students. Just like this, continuous efforts are being made to improve our campus life as at SURYA WORLD.

We believe “Success is not a Destination, it’s a Journey”

See the detailed results of the survey here

Fill the survey here –


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