A new Surya World Campus Cafe!


The excitement just doesn’t stop with all the upcoming initiatives! The most awaited place is now almost ready to open doors for all the students and staff of Surya World. Its the one place where you can hang out, be yourself, eat, dance, sing, laugh… the best memories of your student campus life will now be created here.

The Surya World Cafe Opening: 7th May, Tuesday! Be there ūüôā



Earn while you learn at Surya World!

Learn & Earn

Being in college is the best time to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. Not to mention, make some pocket money on the side-lines and taste the sweet taste of independence and freedom. And work isn’t always stressful or time-consuming.

We are excited to launch an Earn While You Learn program at Surya World! Starting summer 2013, you will be able to take up various jobs and intern opportunities with Surya World and its associated offices.

Learn new skills | Create a professional network | Discover your passion.

Read details of the program here.

Exciting Opportunities for Summer 2013

  1. Counsellor and Student Out-reach Intern: Download detailed job-description here.
  2. Marketing Intern (Online, Mobile, Field): Download detailed job-description here.
  3. Graphic Designing Intern: Download detailed description here.


‚ÄúThere is no substitute for practical and professional experience.‚ÄĚ

Go Global with AIESEC!


We have partnered with AIESEC, which is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC offers experiential leadership development to young people which allows them to gain skills and experiences which are unparalleled at this age.

AIESEC’s ¬†Global Entrepreneur’s Program¬†offers students of Surya World an opportunity to travel abroad and volunteer in projects across the world this summer for 6-8 weeks. And because we really believe in such experiences and encourage each of you to explore these opportunities, Surya World is¬†subsidizing¬†50% of the sign-up fee. SIGN UP HERE¬†and we’ll contact you for the selection process.

Academic Feedback Survey

feedback survey-Slide1We have started an academic feedback survey on 12th April 2013 to know the quality of teaching we offer you. The results till now are both healthy as well as unhealthy in many ways. We are trying to improve the level of teaching we provide you. You can judge the instructor, course, labs and exams based on various statements. You can also leave your comments, what you like most or least and how we can improve the quality of teaching and ambiance. The result will be strictly confidential. Keep giving feedback on the links below.

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Do you want to be the next Surya Spedan?


Students, gear up to join one of the most technically active organization in the world. Prepare yourself to be the part of the Surya Spedans, the team which performed outstandingly in BAJA SAE INDIA 2013. Here is opportunity to show others that you have an ability to do things differently, which will bring better results. A chance to deal with the professional world, to counter a lot of hurdles which come in the way to become successful. Get ready to feel dust not only on your hands but all over your body. Get ready to dedicate everything to see yourself riding your passion!

Get to know more : bajasaeindia.org | www.facebook.com/SuryaSpedans



The Surya Experience – Campus Blog launched

1_student lifeWe are excited, really excited! As the team aiming to improve student campus life at Surya World, we believe this platform will revolutize how information about events, activities and opportunities flows in the campus.

We will bring together all the important and exciting information about campus life at Surya World here on a regular basis. We think that student life is more than classrooms and exams. We hope to give each of you the opportunity to create, represent, participate, learn, network and enjoy, everyday at Surya World.

Lastly and very importantly, this space is yours – its for the students, by the students and from the students. We invite contributions and suggestions from students.

Gladly yours,
Student Welfare, Surya World